Collars & Leashes

2.8 Design for Dogs collar, leashes and harnesses.

Everything is handmade in Italy with real Nappa leather.

The Ferdinando collars are available in 6 sizes (XS, S, M, M/L, L, XL) and two different, yet equally elegant, unique materials. The same collection features the city leash measuring 120 cm, available in 2 different diameters.

Elegant and metropolitan, the collars and leashes by 2.8 design for dogs are the perfect blend of fashion and dog-friendliness, encompassing the brand’s handcrafted nature and luxury-oriented style.

The line in Nappa leather is featured in seven signature colors - lazy taupe, tangerine orange, Tuscan yellow, cheeky red, dromedary, shark and dusty blue.

Created with matte metal hardware, a glossy look that encompasses the everlasting elegance of Italian leather.

If you’re looking for a longer leash, you can find the Mario collection training leash, in smooth Nappa leather, and the harnesses of the same collection: available in 6 sizes (XS, S, M, M/L, L, XL), they were designed for small to medium sized dogs.

For those looking at an even more sustainable approach for their pet’s apparel, 2.8 created a line of animal-free collars and leashes made of microfiber, whose velvety touch doesn’t preclude a very easy maintenance. The four trademark nuances belong to a more delicate palette of neutral colors.

Thanks to the unique elegance of our dog collars and leashes, every walk alongside your dog will be the perfect opportunity to flaunt your taste of Italian style.

Discover the collections down below.

Ferdinando - Braider Leather Collar - Shark

€ 125.00

Mario - Nappa Leather Training Leash - Cheeky red

€ 179.00

Mario - Nappa Leather Training Leash - Dusty blue

€ 179.00

Mario - Nappa Leather Training Leash - Tuscan yellow

€ 179.00

Mario - Nappa Leather Training Leash - Lazy taupe

€ 179.00