The recent 2.8 collection is the vision of architect and interior designer Paola Navone. She is a product designer and art director. She has curated numerous exhibitions and installations all over the world.

The famous magazine Four&Sons, a print and online publication where dogs and culture meet, has produced an article on this extraordinary collaboration.

This is what OLIVIA FINLAYSON, the writer, said in the article "On the Dot"

Anna Bussolotto, founder and creative director of 2.8, curates her label with two principles front of mind: dogs’ comfort and wellbeing, and owners’ satisfaction. With 2.8’s latest collaboration, the Dotto Collection, a third tenet makes itself unmissable: fierce artistic energy. Partnering with legendary Italian architect and designer Paola Navone—founder of Milan-based Otto design studio, and powerhouse creative whose decorated career spans four decades—the Dotto Collection celebrates functionality and unabashed playfulness. 

From the Fulvio bed to the Herb travel mat to the Sebastião ceramic bowl and many more—each crafted using premium-quality, easily washed materials—the Dotto Collection is a storm of ‘macro-pois’. Complementing the polka-dot palooza, the Bruce placemat and Dorothea dog carrier are made from metallic silver, waterproof waxed paper, designed to strike the perfect balance of sophistication, comfort and statement-making style. If you plan to go unnoticed at the dog park, the Dotto Collection is not for you. If you’re a diehard design lover whose hound looks dashing in dots, the limited-edition capsule is available now.

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