MARTIN - Nappa Leather Poop bag dispenser

€ 105.00
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  • Dusty blue
  • Tangerine orange
  • Tuscan yellow
  • Lazy taupe
  • Cheeky red
  • Shark
  • Dromedary

• Leather mini bag for poop bags

• Fine Italian nappa leather

• Snap button closure

• Measurements W7,5cm x H 6x D4 cm

• Handmade in Italy

• Available in 7 colors 

• Compatible with Ferdinand series leashes and Mario series longhairs

• Bags are not included

An elegant semi-rigid bag designed to hold and distribute essential hygiene bags. Its special design not only makes it co-ordinate with the brand’s leash collar lines, but also allows it to be attached to the half-ring at the base of the leash handle, avoiding any annoying dangling. The bag remains firmly connected to the leash handle, becoming an elegant integrated accessory. At the bottom of the bag is the pouch exit hole. 

Martin can be used on both sizes of leashes in the Ferdinand line and on the Mario line lengths.