FERDINANDO - Leather Collar

€ 114.00
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  • Dusty blue
  • Tangerine orange
  • Tuscan yellow
  • Lazy taupe
  • Cheeky red
  • Shark
  • Dromedary
  • XS 26-31 cm
  • S 30-36 cm
  • M 35-41 cm
  • M/L 37-45 cm
  • L 42-50 cm
  • XL 47-55 cm

• Made of braided Nappa leather

• Matte metal hardware

• Adjustable fit

• Sizes refer to the circumference of the dog's neck

Like all other products, the Ferdinando collection of collars and leashes originates in the heart of Tuscany, the cradle of leather manufacture.

Available in 7 colours (dusty blue, Tuscan yellow, tangerine orange, lazy taupe, cheecky red, dromedary and shark) and 6 sizes, the collars feature matte metal hardware and are made of braided nappa leather: chosen for its softness and texture - as well as for the vegetal tanning it undergoes - the material’s own tactility must feel delicate on both the hand of the owner as well as the dog’s neck.

That’s why 2.8 selected nappa over the tightness of leather.

All sizes refer to the neck size of the dog.

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For daily maintenance, clean with a damp wipe.

For deeper cleaning, use lukewarm water and natural soap.