Taking care of our community is important for us. The community’s people, nature and legacy.

That is why 2.8 design for dogs has fully committed to preserve and apply those core values which are at the very base of the brand

Since our founder is a professional photographer, the company name itself had to represent the mission and the people behind it: 2.8 is the camera’s aperture that keeps the chosen subjects in total focus.

Here at 2.8, our pets’ well-being as well as our all-Italian craftsmanship are and will always be in the foreground.


Our company is proud to be entirely and exclusively Italian. Based in Tuscany - the heart of great Italian craftsmanship - our team of artisans and manufacturers only employs local materials and fabrics. The production techniques and methods they apply date back to a legacy of history and research that makes every article a small example of Italian heritage.


Being eco-friendly is no longer a choice.
Committing to a greener world is at the foundation of our collections and conduct. We employ sustainable materials and fabrics with a natural origin, as well as a very low carbon footprint Not to mention, since our resources are all local, transportation is very limited and therefore produces very little pollution.


Act small, think big.
Our communal effort for a greener world starts in our everyday life: we recycle everything in our offices, warehouse and production labs. We banned plastic bottles and encouraged all our employees to cycle to work. Even our artisans hate waste: that’s why every leftover piece of fabric is turned into swatches and samples for our retailers.


Each one of our products carries the name of a great photographer: Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Steve McCurry and many other great artists that have captured the very essence of nature and mankind. Being a professional photographer herself, our founder decided to pay tribute to the masters who have inspired the collection’s aspiration for great style and design.