Imogen - Ceramic Dog Bowl

€ 94.00
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  • M Ø 14.5 cm
  • L Ø 15.5 cm

• Available in two sizes

• Stoneware bowl handmade one by one on the potter's wheel

• Lead-free color 

• Anti-slip silicone bottom studs

• Capacity: around 400 ml for the smaller size, 800 ml for the bigger size

Completely handmade on the potter’s wheel by Italian artisans, this stoneware bowl is available in two capacious sizes.

Its matte surface and essential lines fit perfectly in any type of interior space.

Featuring anti-slip silicone feet, the bowl is highly stable and practical to use.


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This item should be hand-washed.


Beyond the object

The design of this bowl takes inspiration from the most elemental shapes of primitive earthenware.

Handmade one by one by hand using the potter's wheel, their irregularity look back to the artisanal know-how of yore.

Each one presents a unique, imperfect beauty like the eggs of sacred Indonesian Ayam Chemani hens that Anna loves to raise free in her home garden.