Ugo - Apple AirTag® Holder in Nappa Leather

€ 69.00
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  • Dusty blue
  • Tangerine orange
  • Tuscan yellow
  • Lazy taupe
  • Cheeky red
  • Shark
  • Dromedary

• Nappa leather mini bag for attaching Apple AirTag to collar 

• Snap button closure 

• Measurements 4.5x4.5x0.5 cm

• Handmade in Italy 

Ugo is a mini nappa leather pouch designed to hold an Apple AirTag and be attached to a collar or harness via a loop.

This accessory, presented in 7 colour variants (matching the Ferdinando series collars and Mario series harnesses) allows you to equip your pet with an Apple AirTag and thus be able to view the location of your dog on your mobile phone.

A convenient snap fastener ensures that the pouch is securely closed, while the loop on the back secures Ugo to the dog's collar.

It might take few days before it can be shipped due to the fact that is handmade one by one by our trusted artisans. 

Apple AirTag not included.

For details and informations about AirTag please visit Apple website:

Behind the object

Ugo was born following a very frightening incident in the yard that fortunately had a happy ending.

Hermione, who normally follows closely behind Anna’s every move, decided one day to squeeze through a gap in the fence and venture outside the yard, probably following the trail of a fresh scent.
After more than an hour of searching and calling, she was finally spotted just outside the yard, very frustrated, trying to get back through the gap she had previously left from.
The momentary loss of her beloved Hermione immediately prompted Anna to create an accessory that would enable the dog to be fitted with a tracker to easily trace the animal's movements and know where she was at all times.