Dog Bags

The dog bags created by 2.8 Design for Dogs are your pup’s best choice. Luxury dog bags of different styles and colors, made for your dog's needs as well as your style’s demands.

Browse through our collection of dog carriers and walking bags for dogs. All 2.8’s dog bags are handmade from natural and eco-friendly materials, such as paper, waxed paper and recycled wool. Our carrier bags and dog walking bags are above all practical and dog friendly.

Dog carrier bags designed for the needs of your furry friends. Annie is the smaller model, indicated for dogs weighing 8-10 kilos. The leather handles make it a perfectly stylish bag to use for city strolls alongside your pup. Dorothea is a dog walking bag designed to hold bigger dogs weighing 10-15 kilos, with extra-resistant cotton handles to give it a more casual cut. Available in paper and waxed water-proof paper, the linings come in either bouclé wool or cotton canvas, also with a zippered net cover for a more enclosing fit.

In our collection of luxury dog ​​bags, you can also find seasonal models. Different yet still elegant ways to enjoy summer or winter with your puppy. For a winter look, select Inge, made of recycled wool and lined with machine-washable bouclé wool. For lounging at the beach, discover the summer version of Dorothea, lined with blue terrycloth.

ANNIE - Silver Dog Bag

€ 215.00

ANNIE - Waxed Paper Dog Bag

€ 182.00


€ 250.00

DOROTHEA - Paper Dog Bag - Havana

€ 161.00

DOROTHEA - Paper Dog Bag - Grey

€ 161.00

DOROTHEA - Paper Dog Bag - Black

€ 161.00

DOROTHEA - Silver Dog Bag

€ 198.00

DOROTHEA - Summer Dog Bag - Havana

€ 173.00

DOROTHEA - Summer Dog Bag - Navy blue

€ 173.00

DOROTHEA - Waxed Paper Dog Bag

€ 163.00

INGE - Red Wool Dog Bag

€ 230.00 -15% € 195.50
  • Reduced price

INGE - White Wool Dog Bag - Natural/White

€ 230.00

MINI INGE - Red Wool Pochette

€ 99.00 -15% € 84.15
  • Reduced price